where did @Amareisreal find hipster goggles?

i was just given the gift of #SwampPeople from @Loanstar212. it’s a real christmas miracle!

LAX > FLL (@ Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) w/ 75 others) http://t.co/DViAfDIG

i didn’t even know there was a private room at the el rey and yet @geli is its mayor. #gofigure

so the clippers get chris paul and allllll of a sudden @kidclipper is a clipper fan. *cough* bandwagon *cough*

who does tim tebow need to pray to to get him some chapstick?

how to blow out a carvel cake (starring @MelissaArrrgh) http://t.co/w8bnoc9T

add @kinagrannis to the list of people who think they don’t sing out loud when their headphones are in.

"WE LOVE BEIGE TRENCH COATS!!!" http://t.co/ew0u9ZFn

RT @kinagrannis: neato! tune into @MTV tomorrow (12/3) at 11:30am ET/PT to see me on @10ontop!

I love you @MamaGeee! You rock too :)

the other night somebody left an umbrella at a meet & greet and so tonight i will stay dry instead.

…and the @kinagrannis european tour reaches its 4th country and my starbucks:country ratio remains a perfect 4:4… http://t.co/GwrtLYD3

estoy a la arc de triomphe con @kinagrannis y @imaginarytweets… (@ Arc de Triomphe w/ 5 others) [pic]: http://t.co/PWkSh9wt

doors. are. open. (@ Nouveau Casino) http://t.co/UVRzwbAu